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Castle, Historical Site, War Memorial, Cemetery

Built in 1130 by David I, the castle featured prominently in the wars for the Independence of Scotland, and as such, maintains a number of old traditions. The Military Tattoo function in August includes performances the pipes and drums played by regiments of the British Armed Forces and civilians including the fireworks.

The traditional New Year’s Eve party is attended by thousands of people in the Edinburgh castle. Every day except for Sunday, the “One O’clock” gun is fired from the top of the castle. The Crown of Scotland, the Sceptre, the Sword of State and the Stone of Scone are kept in the Crown Room of the castle. Dog lovers will be among their kinsmen here; the Edinburgh Castle also has a famous dog cemetery where the pets of the old regiment are buried, but the general public cannot go down and visit it. Statues of Scottish heroes Robert Bruce and William Wallace now are situated at the entrance of the castle. Offering beautiful panoramas, on a clear day, you could even see the snow capped Bel Mond.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Castle is nothing short but an architectural marvel. Your trip to Edinburgh is incomplete if you don’t visit this enchanting but at the same time gigantic castle. The best way to explore this castle is by booking the Edinburgh Castle tickets from the ticket counter itself. You can book the Edinburgh Castle tickets well in advance to avoid the longer cue. Moreover, you can opt for the Edinburgh Castle tour tickets just to get a guided tour of the castle. The Edinburgh Castle tours will enlighten you with the history of Edinburgh Castle and will add up to your overall experience.

Edinburgh Castle

Bar, Restaurant, Neighborhoods , Festival

It’s hard to believe there was any other purpose to building the Royal Mile other than to trap tourists. Beautiful old buildings, street entertainers, quaint shops, bars and restaurants make this a wonderful place. If you go down the road at night, the cobblestones can even sound spooky. It’s ends are graced by Edinburgh Castle and Hollyroodhouse. In August, the street bustles with festival events.

The Royal Mile


This Victorian-Goth monument to Sir Walter Scott is the larget of it’s kind in the world to be dedicated to an author. Sixty one metres high, intricate and drand, and intricately beautiful, the monument can be climbed for a beautiful panorama of Edinburgh. The stair way of 287 steps is quite narrow and twisty. You can wander around the monument looking for your favorite Scott characters among the statuary and masonry.

The Scott Monument

Library, Mine, Specialty Museum

Coal mining has an important part in the Scottish history, making the Scottish Mining Museum an important architecture of the country. Inaugurated in 1895, the museum, also known as the Lady Victoria Colliery, produces the best coals among the European countries. The buildings of the museum are genuine marvel to watch.

The museum has its own library where the history of mining the coal is represented elaborately. The museum also holds many exhibitions with various objects found during the coal mining under the earth. It also has a medical house as accidents tend to happen in mines. A well developed canteen with variety of foods satisfies the taste if the employees. The Scottish government helps the museum to operate freely with financial aids.

One can drive Scotland’s largest winding engine, go on the Magic Helmet tour with our real life miners and relax in the fully licensed coffee shops present in the Museum. High quality machines are use for mining the coal. The miners are efficient and experienced with coal mining. Though it is away from the main city, the museum is well connected with bus and railway routes. It is the last Victorian Colliery found in the entire Europe.

Scottish Mining Museum

Castle, Historical Site

Stirling Castle, found in Stirling, is one of the biggest and generally significant chateaux, both truly and compositionally, in Scotland. The manor sits on Castle Hill, a meddling bank, which structures part of the Stirling Sill geographical creation. It is encompassed on three sides by steep bluffs, giving it an in number opposing position.

Its key area, guarding what was, until the 1890s, the most distant downstream intersection of the River Forth, has made it an imperative fortress from the most punctual times. A large portion of the essential edifices of the mansion date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and are amongst the most important attractions.

A couple of structures of the fourteenth century remain, while the external defenses fronting the town date from the early eighteenth century. Stirling remained an inside of imperial organization until the passing of Alexander III in 1286. His passing triggered a progression emergency, with Edward I of England welcomed to referee between contending petitioners. Edward came north in 1291, requesting that Stirling, in addition to the next illustrious palaces, be put under his control throughout the discretion.

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Stirling Castle


Penguins; that’s the deal here, for the zoo breeds them. Exotic birds, lions, monkeys, koalas and giant pandas are the zoo’s other attractions. There are even ex-military personnel among the animals, which include Wojtek the bear and Sir Nils Olav the penguin. Highly respected for its animal behavorial research and conservation work, the zoo recieves over half a million visitors every year. It’s location is highly convenient, with a number of reasonable hotels and a bustlng market nearby. Really, this is one of the cutest zoos you’ll ever see.

Edinburgh Zoo

Off Beaten Path, Entertainment

Horror and humour have always gone well together, and the Edinburgh Dungeon exploits that to it’s fullest. Gallows, cannibals, mirror rooms… this is a horror house that wants you experice the chills without getting bogged down in a B-Grade plot. The actors are all terrific, and portray villains out of Scotland’s history. For a short experience, it packs quite the punch. We won’t spoil what awaits you here, but it is totally worth it. Make sure you come as a group though, this is not something you want to ejoy alone. The shop offers some neat souvenirs.

Edinburgh Dungeon

View Point, Observatory, Monument, Tower

In the honour of the Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, the magnificent Nelson Monument was built in Edinburgh. He became a martyr at the Battle of Trafalgar. Being located on top of Calton Hill, the monument rises toward the sky from where the entire city is be visible.

On the top of the tower a large ball called the Time Ball made of wood, is situated which was elevated and descended to denote the time. The monument is built with black stonework with the Royal Navy’s ensign at the top. If one wants to climb up the tower, one needs to climb a rather tight spiral staircase. The museum on the ground floor is impressive and gives a detailed and elaborate description of the career and death of Lord Admiral Nelson.

There are 170 steps in order to climb the tower. One can see all over the city and as far away as from the top of the bridge. The pollution free environment with fresh oxygen is an added advantage to the tourists who tend to come to the monument again and again. The tower has iron railings on its top and many small restaurants are built for the public near the monument.

The Nelson Monument

Food And Drinks, Winery, Entertainment, Leisure

There is just no way a whiskey museum can be anything but fun. Located next to Edinburgh Castle, the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre has scotch of every quality and type. It was used by the royal family of Scotland in the ancient past. One of the experienced Tour Guides will take the visitors through the different characteristics between whiskies from the Highlands, Lowlands, Spey side and Islands. Staffs were friendly and informative to the tourists.

People are given a sample glass of whiskey and told to keep the glass as a gift, which is nice. At first the visitors are informed about the various kinds of whisky, how it is made, and distilleries of today. And the tour comes to an end with the visit to a barrel ride through the history of whisky. A very calm and relaxed atmosphere dominates the centre; one can have the chance to try lots of whiskey with expert advice on what may suit the taste. Many hotels are there near the centre making it a famous tourist destination of all time. In order to have a sip of various kind of whiskeys people throng to the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre from across the world.

Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre

Garden, Botanical Garden

This scientific centre and popular tourist attraction wasfounded in 1670. About 4% of all known plant species are preserved here. There are no limit to the things you can see: rare plants, waterfalls, rock gardens, glass houses, Asian-themed gardens and stunning borders and plant collections. The staff is wonderfully helpful and knowledgable so don’t be afraid to ask quentions. There is a gift shop nearby if you want souvenirs. The restaurant isn’t bad for a bite. The Garden frequently host Art Exhibitions. It’s one of Edimburgh’s most beautiful spots.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Off Beaten Path, Cruise

Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia is the previous Royal Yacht of the British ruler, Queen Elizabeth II. She was the 83rd such vessel since the restoration of King Charles II in 1660. She is the second imperial yacht to endure the name, the first being the really popular dashing cutter assembled for The Prince of Wales in 1893. She is currently for all time moored as a show ship at Ocean Terminal.

The team of Royal Yachtsmen consisted of volunteers from the general administration of the Royal Navy. Officers were named for up to two years, while the “yachtsmen” were drafted as volunteers and administration could be conceded to “The Permanent Royal Yacht Service”.

HMY Britannia, when on regal obligations, was escorted by a Royal Navy warship. The yacht was a customary sight at Cowes Week in promptly August and, for the most part, for the remnant of the month, was home to HM Queen Elizabeth II and her family for a yearly voyage around the islands off the west bank of Scotland there was some dispute over the sitting of the boat, with some contending that she might be better moored on the Clyde, where she was assembled, than in Edinburgh, with which the yacht had not many connections.

Royal Yacht Britannia

View Point, Monument, Architecture , Hill

It’s location in the middle of Endinburgh makes it a very convenient destination. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hill offers fabulous views of Edinburgh, Arthur’s Seat and the sea reaching over to Fife. Bring your cameras! It’s best to visit in the early morning when the air is crisp and clean. Also catch the numerous iconic monuments scattered over the area, one of which is an unfinished model of the Parthenon. At the Old Carton Burial Ground, the poet and philosopher David Hume was interred. You can climb Lord Nelson’s Tower here for a small fee, giving you even better views.

Calton Hill


The Mansfield Traquair Centre is located in Mansfield Place at the foot of Broughton Street in the east end of the New Town of Edinburgh. Mansfield Traquair is a well known for its versatile nature as it hosts weddings and conferences. Now a day’s everybody wants to get married in a royal manner. Therefore the Mansfield Traquair Centre is an automatic choice for the Scottish people. It organizes quality weddings with genuine advice from the best in the business. The doors are open from 11:00 am in the morning till the 5:00 pm in the evening for the public. One has to make an appointment before organizing a wedding in the centre. Conferences, corporate parties, gala events, are organized with utmost luxury in this centre. The perfect party should be made to fit both the aspirations and the budget. Whether it is grand or informal, Mansfield Traquair takes a good care of every event that had been taken place here till now. The quality of the food provided is high and mouth watering. Variety of foods is provided during the weddings or in the corporate parties. The centre has many huge rooms which can accommodate many guests at the same time with ease.

Mansfield Traquair Centre

Architecture , Heritage Building

Located in Midlothian, Edinburgh, the Arniston House has special historical significance. It was originally inhabited by the Knights Templar and then the Knight’s of Saint John. It has four floors with traditional sloping roof.

A huge lawn full of lush green grass is situated at the front of the house with mountain ranges far off. The house is a famous tourist destination in Scotland where Guides are hired for having a good look at it. One can make a tour in Tuesdays, Wednesdays and the Sundays, the remaining days being engaged in maintenance work.

The building shows the traits of Georgian style of architecture which flourished during the 17th and 18th century in Europe. For the tourists special holiday cottages are available inside the House premises. Other principle rooms on the tour include John Adam’s Dining Room and Drawing Room inside the House. The oldest room in the house is the majestic Oak Room where hanged the portraits of past generations of the family. The house boasts two Library’s from different eras and one with a secret door. Visitors are encouraged to walk in the spacious grounds in front of the house. There are famous parks like the Sunken Garden for the public.

Arniston House

Historical Site, Architecture , Heritage Building

Looking at this place, Marlinspike Hall comes to mind.A marvel of architecture, the Hopetoun House was the residence of the Earl of Hopetoun. The interior of the house reflects the aristocratic taste of the early 18th century Europe. It is two storied house with the ceilings full of antique paintings. It has marvellous parklands and beautiful flower gardens.

The staffs of the house are very helpful to the tourists and they provide ample information to the visitors about the history and heritage of the house. The ground in front of the house organizes many stage performances which is good to see. Being situated at the centre of the town, it is well connected by bus and other transport services. The house is able to maintain its grandeur though decades with elegance and aristocracy.

Hopetoun House


The Real Mary King’s Close is a lovely opportunity to experience Edinburgh’s beautiful past. The guided tours offered here surely make you step back in time. The tour throws light upon history as old as some facts dating back to the 17th century. Spanning across an hour, the tours here are presented in a lovely, animated and very engaging manner. Its location in the city’s old town further enhances the attractions appeal. If you are all about thrilling and borderline creepy experiences, this place is a must-visit owing to several haunted and murder tales attached to it

Real Mary King's Close


Of what looks like an abandoned structure today, the Queen Mary’s Bath House is this all-stone structure accommodating two floors. Traditionally, the house has been attached to Mary, Queen of Scots who lived from 1542 to 1567. Whether she actually bathed there or not has been a question ever since. The house was however attached to the fences of the leisure area or pavilion that was used by the royal family back in time during summer. Today, this structure just stands as a mere landmark, nevertheless making you ponder on the region’s bygone era.

Queen Mary's Bath House


Perched on the northeastern coast of Scotland, Inverness is this quaint city that can be well fitted on any Edinburgh of Scotland itinerary. It is fondly referred to as the ‘Highland Capital’ owing to its market that yielded economy for the city, of which’s charm still exists. Today, the economy of Inverness majorly thrives on tourism, despite being one of the smallest cities in Scotland. The city is abundant with museums, castles, and some gorgeous outdoors! For leisure you can resort to the incredible array of pubs, cafes and restaurants that guarantee a good time.



Isle Of Skye

Historical Site

Got a day to spare and want to do some exploring on your trip to Scotland? The ruins of the Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh are an ideal place for spending few hours exploring the history of the place. Located in the premises of the iconic Holyrood Palace, the Holyrood Abbey is a 12th century construction which has retained its appeal for tourists despite its dilapidated structure. You can still see several portions of the Abbey which attest to its spectacular construction. In particular, the nave of the Abbey is a sight to behold, and you can also venture into the Palace gardens from there.

Holyrood Abbey


Fancy a trip to a grand castle straight out of the history books? The Alnwick Castle in Scotland’s Edinburgh is just the perfect place. Built way ago in 1096 AD, the Alnwick Castle is home to the British Royalty. The Duke of Northumberland resides at the Castle, but several parts of the Castle are open to tourists, so you can explore at length. It may surprise you to know that, Harry Potter and Downton Abbey were shot here! So, take your kids and family for a full day’s trip to the Alnwick Castle and have fun exploring its myriad rooms, stately gardens, the fantastic tree house and the beautiful fountain. The café in the Castle premises is also great for a quick bite during the day.

Alnwick Castle

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