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Outdoors, Walking Area, Lake, Boating

The Kodaikanal lake will probably be the first thing you see in Kodaikanal. It is the heart of the town and pretty much every distance in kodaikanal is calculated in terms of the proximity to the lake. Even though it’s probably the most commercial sight in the town, the lake will not disappoint you.. A stroll around the lake will probably be one of the best walks of your life. If you really want to experience the beauty of the lake, take a boat ride over it.

Kodaikanal Lake

Outdoors, Geological Formation, Nature

Pillar rocks is a cluster of three rocks standing over 122 meters tall and proud with all its beauty. It is a popular tourist attraction and looks ethereal with fog surrounding it. Be wary of nasty monkeys who will exploit you for your food and attention. Nevertheless, they make for amusing companions. One can just sit there and absorb the beauty of nature endlessly. The Park nearby is worth a visit too.

Pillar Rocks

Outdoors, Walking Area, Nature

Kodaikanal is a walker’s paradise. Whether you choose to have a lazy stroll around the Kodai Lake or a picturesque walk on Coaker’s walk, you will be surprised at how pleasant a walk in this paradise can be. At the Coaker’s Walk you can enjoy some splendid views of the deep valley. Flowers and birdsongs are your companions on this walk which even though is just a kilometer long, provides you with so many awesome spectacles that you might want the path to never finish. Ogle at the beautiful view in the morning or get kissed by the clouds in the evening, the choice is totally yours, but equally delightful.

Coakers Walk

Outdoors, Park, Nature

Bryant Park is a botanical park and is known for many kinds of flowers, hybrids and grafts. It has a bewildering variety of flowers, all of which add to the surreal experience of the park. Cut flowers from the park are also used for exporting because of their good quality and wide range of variety. The park also has a glass house with many fine varieties of flowers which adds on to the overall charm of the place. The Bryant Park also serves as a practical centre for education on Ornamental Horticulture and as a demonstration centre. Along with all this, the Park is also a perfect place to just go and relax amidst the refreshing greenery with family and friends. In the month of May, a flower show also conducted in the park which is a part of the summer festival attracting many tourists

Bryant Park

Outdoors, Forest, Nature

Although pine trees are planted all around Kodaikanal, it is nice to visit the pine forest to feel close them. There are plenty of photo opportunities and lots of soul searching to do here. Be a part of nature; let nature be a part of you.

Pine Forest Kodaikanal

Waterfall, Hiking Trail, Adventure, Nature

Even if Bears did come to drink water in these falls once upon a time, the gawking crowds at these majestic waterfalls would have driven them away. Now mostly a tourist attraction, the Bear Shola falls are a beautiful sight highlighting nature’s bounty that is abundant in Kodaikanal. One can choose to take a trek over the falls but only the fairly healthy and courageous must venture to do so

Bear Shola Falls

Outdoors, Park, Picnic Spot, Nature

Chettiar Park is a nice little park which is about 1.5 km uphill from Kodaikanal town. It maybe small and inconspicuous but it sure does pack a punch. With lots of varieties of flowers and activities for kids, consider it a win-win sight for the whole family. Worth spending a lazy afternoon.

Chettiar Park

Museum, Specialty Museum

True to its name, the Sacred Heart Natural Science museum showcases some gory, some pretty parts of natural biology. It has an outstanding taxidermy collection of more than 500 species of animals, birds and insects and a living collection of over 300 exotic orchid species. The museum exhibits artefacts of the ancient Palaiyar tribe’s people whose descendants still live in these hills.

Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum

Off Beaten Path, View Point, Valley, Nature

This Suicide point, true to its name, has more than a 5000 ft steep drop to the valley. The monkeys are also a good attraction at this point. It is renamed Green Valley View, apparently to prevent people from being lured to commit suicide. The pathway to the green valley view is loaded with shops selling homemade chocolates, ornaments and evergreen flowers.

Green Valley View

Religious Site, Temple, View Point

The Kurunji Andavar Temple is a haven of peace and quiet. Even the most cynical person can feel spiritual in this beautiful temple. It is adorned with intricate carvings and colourful paintings. To top this, there is also a great view of the Palni hills from there.

Kurinji Andavar Temple


The picturesque Silver Cascade Falls in Kodaikanal were formed as a result of the over flowing of the famous man-made Kodai Lake. While travelling from Kodaikanal to Madurai by road, you are greeted by the stunning sight of these falls cascading to the ground. Adventurous people can also have a dip and swim in the cold waters of these falls. An ideal location for nature-lovers, you can sit at the base of the falls while admiring the beautiful surroundings and munching on fresh fruits sold here.

Silver Cascade Falls


Visitors can go boating and experience the thrill of watching the boat go through swirling fog. This star shaped lake is also a good walking area for visitors.

Kodai Lake

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