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Walking Area, Road

It’s not possible to have visited Shimla without having taken a stroll at the famous Mall Road. The Mall Road is of so much importance that it is in fact kept as a synonym to Shimla. The British Raj aura can still be experienced here as you walk through it. As you walk along, you will be able to see old buildings such as that of municipal corporation, vintage shops, and book stores. Some of the best hotels are located over here. There are shops that sell ice-creams, cotton candies and hot delicacies for you to gorge on. Infact, this place is ideal to walk around during chilly afternoons and nights when the city gets enveloped with lights all around

The Mall

View Point, Adventure Sport, Valley

There was a time when Solang valley was known to only the adventure enthusiasts who carried out camping here. However, today this valley attracts a lot of tourists who come here to get enamoured of its beauty as well. Summer might seem like the better time to visit this cold region. But the winters are action packed with skiing and other winter sports taking hold of the tourism scene. There is also a ropeway now if you want to have a bird’s eye view of the Solang Valley

Solang Valley

View Point, Scenic Drive, Adventure, Valley

From May to November, you can access one of the most precarious places on the earth; The Rohtang Pass. This beautiful and yet dangerous place is named so (the literal meaning in Bhoti is “piles of corpses) due to its reputation of being an extremely unpredictable place. Nevertheless, tourists love it. The beauty of the Rohtang Pass is extraordinary. It is the highest point in the whole of Manali making it a truly mesmerizing experience. The mist that floats though the valley, the wild animals, the greenery and everything in between makes this place truly magical

Rohtang Pass

Religious Site, Temple

Manali is a treat for the religious soul. The Hadimba Devi Temple or Hidibi Temple is one of the major religious sites in Manali. Another name for it is Dhungri temple. This very simply built temple is well known due to a strange geographical characteristic that the surrounding area has. A bird’s eye view of the temple will reveal that the area surrounding it is in the shape of the impression of a giant foot. The temple of her son Ghatotkach is also nearby

Hadimba Temple

Waterfront, Waterfall

The Pandoh Dam is situated on the mighty Beas river which runs through Himachal Pradesh. A serene spot, you won’t miss it if you are travelling from Shimla to Manali. Under the Beas Project, the dam was completed in the year 1977 and it was built with the primary purpose of hydroelectric power generation. Head over to the dam to marvel at its architecture, its vastness and to get inspired by the gushing sounds of the Beas.

Pandoh Dam

Wildlife Sanctuary

Located two kilometres from Manali, the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise spread across 3,180 hectares. The sanctuary forms the catchment of Manalsu Khad. Dense forests made up of Deodar, Chestnut, Poplar, Maple, Willow and Fir trees, pristine glaciers, colourful birds like Kingfisher, Chakor, Monal and Snow Pigeons and animals like Musk deer, Monal and Brown bear, all these leave visitors mesmerized. Many trekking routes, from easy climbs to difficult ones, pass through the sanctuary and camping is allowed during summers

Manali Sanctuary

National Park, View Point, Nature

A must visit for nature lovers, the Great Himalayan National Park is situated around 110 kilometres from Manali, in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. A paradise for trekkers, the Park was constituted in the year 1984 and was formally declared a National Park in 1999. It covers an area of 754.4 sq. km. (square kilometres) and is host to around 2,300 households spanning over 160 villages

Great Himalayan National Park

Outdoors, Water Body, Hot Spring

Located about 3 kilometers away from Manali, the Vashisth Spring is a definite must visit. The River Beas can be seen in all its glory at this site. It is a well known attraction that is pretty popular among the tourists. The hot springs are completely natural and are a great place to see

Vashisht Spring

Religious Site, Temple

The Vashisht Temple is a tiny but beautiful temple in Himachal Pradesh. A 30 minute walk or 15 minutes rickshaw ride away from Manali, this temple is a great addition to any Manali itinerary.

This ancient temple is named after great sage Vashisht, one of the seven saptarishis in Hindu Mythology. The old construction which is mostly made of wood and brick is very picturesque. The veranda on the outside along with the intricately carved wooden doors gives the temple a rather multi-ethnic feel. This ancient temple is also home to the hot springs, taking a bath in which is considered to be spiritually and physically rejuvenating. Outside, there are a few shops selling trinkets as well as cheap local restaurants that serve delectable food

Vashisht Temple

Water Body, Adventure, Lake, Picnic Spot

The Chandrataal is a beautiful lake in Himachal Pradesh. Its name literally stands for Moon Lake. Standing behind it is an imposing mountain range.

The source of this lake is the groundwater underneath as you cannot see any source of water over the ground. This unique feature does set the lake apart but its height at more than 4000 feet makes this quite surprising. The water reserves are so vast that the lake also has an outlet and can provide crystal clear water to the areas nearby through the Chandra River.

The most striking feature is the color of the lake that changes often due to the reflection of the mountains surrounding it on it. This makes the sight of the lake a truly remarkable experience that is certainly not worth missing

Beas Kund Or Chandratal Lake

Religious Site, Temple

The Manu Temple, named so after the famous sage Manu is one of the many religious spots in and around Manali. It is said that sage Manu found Manali and decided to meditate there due to its serene nature and pristine surroundings. Manu is said to be an ancient rishi often described as “the law giver”.

The temple located within three kilometers of Manali making it very easily accessible to the tourists. It is an old temple and the architecture is simple and elegant quite like most places in the northern mountainous region of India

Manu Temple

Water Body, Lake, Nature

The surrounding mountains and trails of Manali make up for excellent trekking and camping opportunities. Located at a distance of just 1 hour from Manali, the Bhrigu lake is visited for its quiet beauty and exciting trails. This lake is surrounded with lush forests of fir, spruce, moru and the higher altitude Kharsu oak trees around Gulaba, from where trek starts. Spiritually also the lake is quite significant as the legend holds that Bhrighu Rishi had once meditated here. Today, famous as “Pool of Gods”, this lake is visited for its penultimate beauty and spiritual aura that attracts a lot of tourists as well as sadhus alike

Bhrigu Lake

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