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Temple, Leisure, Lake, Hill

The Naini Lake is a natural freshwater lake located amidst the spectacular hills in the city of Nainital. It is tectonic in origin and is looks like a crescent when looked from a bird’s view. Considered to be the largest and most popular of the several lakes of Kumaon region, this lake is a great romantic getaway. Besides the popular boat rides in the lake, you can spend some leisure time strolling along the lakeside. The site continues to attract visitors in large numbers from all over the country

Naini Lake

Zoo, Nature

Pt G.B. Pant High Altitude zoo is located on the SherKaDanda hill in Nainital. Standing at a height of 2,100 meters above the sea level, the zoo is spread over 4.6 hectares and is the only high altitude zoo in India. Located in between the Shivalik and middle Himalayas mountain range, the site is covered with glorious flora and fauna. It was established in 1984 and opened to vistors in 1995.

High Altitude Zoo

Cave, Garden, Play, Fountain

Eco Cave Gardens is a network of inter-connected natural underground caves and hanging gardens. Located on the Kaladungi road near Sukhtal, the gardens offer an enthralling journey of narrow winding roads and weathered caves. The site has an enchanting garden with musical fountains. A stroll across the Garden stretch and passing through the underground cave definitely makes for an exciting family or friends hangout.

Eco Cave Gardens

Religious Site, Temple, Lake, Festival

Naina Devi temple is one of the 51 Shakti peeths of Hindu religion. Located at the northern end of famous Nainital Lake, the temple has Goddess Naina represented in form of her two eyes. According to Hindu Mythology, this is the place where eyes from the burnt body of Goddess Sati fell when Lord Shiva was carrying away her corpse. Since then, the Goddess has been worshipped in the form of eyes at the site

Goddess Naina Devi Temple

View Point, Adventure, Lake, Monastery

Snow View Point is one of the most visited tourist spots in Nainital that offers excellent views of 350 km long range of snow-capped Himalayas. Situated at a height of 2270 meters, it is well connected by road and can also be accessed by taking an adventurous ride of the aerial ropeway from Mallital. There are small shops selling tea and snacks at the Snow View Point

Snow View Point

Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple

Mukteshwar temple also known as ‘MukteshwarDham’, is a 350 year old Shiva temple, situated at the highest point of Nainital (2,312 meters). The temple has a white marble Shivling surrounded by idols of Brahma, Vishnu and several other Hindu gods and goddesses. It is believed that couples come to pray here, seeking blessings for a child, with mud lamps in their hands. Located amidst exquisite natural beauty, the temple is delight to stroll around and indulge in the spiritual and cultural experience. 

Mukteshwar Temple

Amusement Park, Safari, Cable Car, Picnic Spot

Tiffin Top is a beautiful picnic spot located at an altitude of 2290 meters on the Ayarpatta hill. It is also called Dorothy’s seat in the memory of Mrs Kellet Dorothy (a British army officer’s wife), who died in an air crash, later her husband developed this spot. Tiffin top stands for consuming packed food, so the tourists like to visit this place with packed lunch and spend an afternoon in tranquillity with friends or family. This spot is also very popular among painters and photographers, as they seek for certain inspiration from nature for their artworks.

Tiffin Top

View Point, Scenic Drive, Lake, Nature

KhurpaTaal, situated 1600 m above the sea level, is a beautiful spot at a short distance from Nainital. Because of the high altitude, it is rarely known to most of the tourists visiting this region and thus it has turned into a hidden heaven in the hills for the visitors. The place is blessed with stunning natural beauty and a peaceful environment. Far away from the reach of pollution and commercialization, this place offers a wonderful environment for the visitors to spend a good time in the lap of nature


Mountain, View Point, Lake, Peak

Naina Peak, located 6 kilometers from the town, is the highest peak of the town with an altitude of 2611 meters. The place was also called as Cheena Peak, which was named after the Cheena baba and was also known as China Peak. It also gives a beautiful view of Nanda Devi. The Naini Peak covers an amazing view of the Himalayas covered with snow which can easily be seen from Bandar punch.

Naina Peak

Religious Site, Temple, Garden

Kainchi Dham, located 17 km away from Nainital, is a modern pilgrim centre. The word kainchi means two sharp hairpin bends of the motor road in a local dialect and hence the name. Maharjji inaugurated the Hanuman temple in mid June and hence every year on mid June, there is a Bhandara, which feeds more than one lakh people. It is a religious place and thousands of devotees come to this place every year. The westerners and devotees spend a good time with Maharajji who lived here and also performed Yagyas.

Kainchi Dham

Garden, Architecture , Heritage Building

The Governor’s house also called, as Raj Bhavan is located at Tallital area near mall road of Nainital City. It is a two-storied building consisting of 113 rooms. Built during the period of 1897 – 1900, the structure is of British architecture and appears to be a replica of Buckingham Palace. The Governor’s house earlier was a summer residence for the British and now it serves as the residence of Governor of Uttarakhand

Nainital Governor's House

Outdoors, Forest, Wildlife Sanctuary , Bird Watching

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is located 12 kilometers from Nanital, on Kilbury road before Pangot, and is famous for the numerous birds species. Pangot is like a remote Himalayan village that is rich in its flora and fauna. The place is located in the midst of mountains and a drive through this area is thrilling and exciting. The most commonly found birds are the Brown wood Owls, White- throated laughing thrushes, Collared Grosbeaks, and Forktails. The Sanctuary is placed in between the reserve forest of Nainital. The place is calm and serene and the occasional chirping of birds is just pleasant to the ears

Pangot And Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Outdoors, Forest, Mountain, Trail

Sonapani Himalayan Village, located 55 kilometers from Nainital, is a village surrounded by lush green mountains. During the British Raj, when the soldiers were crossing the ridge, they happened to drink water from this natural spring and fell in love, and they called it Sonapani. Hence the name was given, which means Gold Water and it also, has medicinal properties. The place is perfect for a getaway from the daily hustle bustle of the city. It has beautiful resorts that are amongst the best in the town. Sonapati Himalayan Village has 12 cottages and fruit orchids and provides a beautiful view

Sonapani Himalayan Village


Astronomical Observatory also called as ARIES (Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences) established on 20th April 1964. It is located 9 kilometers from Nainital and is situated at an altitude of 1951 meters. It is one of the leading research institutes of the country and gives knowledge of our stars and galaxies. With permission, the visitors can also access to the observatory and can also experience the celestial objects through a telescope. ARIES has made great contributions to many areas of Astronomical Research

Astronomical Observatory

National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary , River

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is located near the Corbett National Park and covers an area of 301 square kilometres. The place is named after the Sonanadi River, which means Golden River. It is rich in flora and fauna with various species of Sal, Sheesham, Semal, Baki, Jamun, and Figs along with a range of medicinal plants. The wildlife sanctuary has about 600 different types of resident and migratory birds. Corbett national park and Sonanadi together comprise the Corbett Tiger Reserve, which has the second largest number of Tiger-Panther Tigris in the world. The place gives a thrilling experience and is a must visit

Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

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