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Outdoors, Village, Walking Area, Nightlife

Kamari studs the shoreline of Santorini. The village is inhabited but holds several hidden vestiges of ancient Greece within it. This ancient fishing village has great cultural significance both because of its history and its lovely location.

Kamari Village

Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

The Ancient Thera lies on a coast of Santorini Island. This gorgeous ruin is a reminiscent of the past that blends seamlessly into the present. Discovered through painstaking excavation, this beautiful ancient wonderland is a must visit while in Santorini.

Ancient Thira

Water Body, Food And Drinks, Leisure, Scuba

Amoudi Bay near Oia Village is an absolutely enchanting tourist spot. The amazing green waters of the sea, the stunning brown cliffs and the soft gushing sound of the waves make it an idyllic and dreamy spot unlike any other in Santorini

Ammoudi Bay

Art And Culture, Village, Restaurant, Town

The Fira Area of Santorini is a must visit. The typical construction of the small colorful houses of Fira is something that is not just iconic to Santorini but to the country of Greece in itself. Fira used to be the capital of the island at one point of time and continues to be the most important village in terms of tourism as well as culture


Outdoors, Ancient Ruin, Archaeological Site

Akrotiri used to be an ancient village in the Santorini Region. This area still holds much of the historic splendor of the old city through the numerous ancient ruins you will get to see all over this area. It is perhaps the most important archeological site on Santorini Island.It was only in the recent years that the remains of an ancient community buried in a volcanic eruption have been discovered here so the area is largely unexplored. You will also be able to see the ruins of a Venitian Castle and a few churches from the medieval period. Hence it makes sense to take a guide to tell you more about the history to this place since there are many eras of history to unfold here. There is a lot to explore so make sure you have plenty of time to see it all

Akrotiri Archaeological Site

History Museum

The Museum of Prehistoric Thira is a definite visit while in Santorini. This popular museum is one of the many that beautifully illustrate the history of the ancient and mysterious land of Greece but this one is perhaps one of the most interesting and the best in the region.A wide variety of artefacts from the excavation at sites like Akrotiri and the surrounding areas can be found here. The section on Wall paintings is simply fascinating while the marble figurines and the neolithic artefacts are astonishing to see

Museum Of Prehistoric Thira

Beach, View Point, Leisure

The Sunning Red Beach near Akrotiri is a lovely tourist attraction. Tourists certainly swear by it and it is one of the most picturesque and dramatic locations in the Santorini area.The sharp red stone cliffs in the background give the beach both its name and its popularity. Travelers find this lovely beach a haven of refuge in the hot Greek summer. The Green Mediterranean water stands in sharp and stunning contrast with the cliffs and a real eyeful

Red Beach

Beach, Leisure

The White Beach is one of the most spectacular sights to see in Santorini. Although you will be able to find several beaches with the same name all over Santorini this one located not far from Fira is sure to be a real delight for the traveler.The White Beach gets its name from the white cliffs that surround it. Swimming, diving or canoeing, you will find a lot of activities to do here. It is also easier to access than the red beach and hence very popular with the more laid back tourists

White Beach

Village, View Point, Neighborhoods

The Oia Village has been a travel destination since the ancient times and finds mentions in the oldest of travelogues. And why not? The quaint and picturesque area is an absolutely delight to visit or even live in. Oia and the adjacent Amoudi Bay are really wonderful and laid back places to visit in Santorini

Oia Village

Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

There is a lot to see and do and if you are looking for Greece’s other lesser known aspects. For thaT, you should take a tour of Santorini’s many churches.One of the most notable of these churches is the Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral. This beautiful church is a wonderful marriage of Catholic and Greek Architecture. The exteriors are simple elegant and similar to the buildings of Fira. The interiors are typically catholic and the altar is very intricately decorated. The Stone Pathways add to the beauty and simplicity of the place.

Saint John The Baptist Catholic Cathedral

Island, Water Body, View Point

Nea Kameni is one of the two Volcanic Islands of Santorini. Being the larger one it is also the one that is closer to Santorini Islands. It is quite easy to find a ferry or boat to reach this island through the western side of the island.The volcano is now dormant and the whole area is studded with dark cliffs that are a stunning sight to see. You can even choose to hike up to the top of this volcanic mountain. The view from this vantage point is certainly mesmerizing and worth the effort.

Nea Kameni

Outdoors, Island, Water Body

Palea Kameni is the smaller one of the two beautiful volcanic islands that is a part of the Santorini. A small ferry ride will take you in and around these lovely dormant volcanoes that are a real sight to see. The Palea Kameni is one of the most popular sights in the region due to this volcanic nature.

The last eruption of the mountain was perhaps in the Minoan era. The island is also home to a few famous hot springs that spout warm water. One can stop on the boat ride to take a swim in the lovely hot springs. The water is green but do be aware that it can stain your clothes. Towards the afternoon the water in the hot springs gets pretty hot so it is better to visit in the morning

Palea Kameni

Specialty Museum

The Village of Perissa in on Santorini Island is a culturally lively place. If you are a culture seeker you should certainly visit it but history lovers will also enjoy it due to the fascinating museums like the Museum of Minerals and Fossils.

This fascinating museum has an amazing collection of colorful and rare mineral stones as well as fossils that precede human history. There is an amazing variety of fossilized flora and fauna that is absolutely fascinating to see. The oldest exhibit is around a billion years old. Whether its kids, adults, science-lovers, history lovers or just tourists, this museum is fascinating to almost anyone

Museum Of Minerals And Fossils


Dedicated to the prophet Elijah, the Monastery of Profitis Ilias is a structural masterpiece whose sight generates awe as well as reverence. Dating back to 1711, this Monastery was of utmost importance to Santorini as well as the whole of Greece as it helped in disseminating intellectual and patriotic influence. During the time period between 1806 to 1845, this monastery used to run a school where Greek Language and Literature were taught. As you visit this monastery today, you will be able to see a museum that holds a significant collection of ecclesiastical items, books and ethnographic material. From local and Cretan portable icons to wooden sculptures and embroidery which dates back to 17th and 18th century, this museum holds everything of historic interest.

Monastery Of Profitis Ilias

Food And Drinks, Brewery

Established by a group of people which includes a Greek Oenologist, a Serbian brewer, an English brewing enthusiast, and an American, the Santorini Brewing Company is an enterprise of strong passion as well as interest. This company brews its own beers on an island in Meso Gonia and then keeps it on display for sale before its connoisseurs. The beers that are produced here claim to be special as they are unpasteurized and preservative-free. Each recipe that comes out brewed from this company contains four simple components – malted barley, hops, yeast and water to create a sense of ecstasy in those who consume it

Santorini Brewing Company

Art And Culture, Winery, Sculpture

Greece has always been an expats’ paradise owing to its vibrant culture and a balmy weather. This land of history and culture is home to important artworks by Greek and foreign artists. Art Space is a center that depicts and puts on display, the representative works of art from the sphere of painting and sculpture. Interestingly, this Art space is located inside an old winery that dates back to 1861 and offers that old world charm as you visit it. Visitors here learn and educate themselves about contemporary Greek art and the trajectory of artistic expression in Greece. A combination of fine wine and exquisite art, this is one place that offers a pure indulgence in the spirit of Greece

Art Space


Established in 1903, the Estate Argyos is a 5 acres’ vineyard that covers the area of Episkopi Gonia Thiras in Santorini. Here, the wines are prepared according to traditional methods and in fact the grapes are produced in its own precincts that contribute to better quality as well as taste. Estate Argyros owns one of the oldest vineyards on the island, and some of its parts are in fact 150 years old. Connoisseurs of wine here can taste variations of this heavenly drink such as Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria, Mavrathiro, Mavrotragano and Voudomato. Its popularity and ingenuity can be ascertained from the fact that Wine & Spirits Magazine considered it as one of 100 best wineries in the world for 2005 and 2006

Estate Argyros

Beach, Water Body, View Point, Walking Area

One of the hidden jewels of Santorini, Mesa Pigadia Beach is an ideal place to laze around for travelers who love isolated beaches and less crowds. The beach is not very big and is thus perfect for swimming as most of it is covered with sand, pebbles and stones. An interesting sight to catch your fancy here would be several cave houses called varkadies which are used to host fishing boats during the winter. Since this beach is out of the crowded places as well as routes, it remains quiet and offers a contemplative experience

Mesa Pigadia Beach

Art And Culture, Art Gallery

Located inside a structure that was built in 1866, the Art of Loom Gallery is quite famous amongst travelers who wish to witness a combination of Cycladic architecture and Greek art. The Gallery exhibits the best works by Greek artists such as Ms Blitzou, Ms Nikoletou, George Roumanas, Maria Lidakis and include various genres such as oil paintings, jewellery, ceramics, glass and bronze creations and many others, as well as souvenirs, clothes and accessories. Tourists who are looking for souvenirs will find it to be a perfect location to buy jewelry and other stuff.

Art Of The Loom Gallery

Beach, Water Body, View Point

Vlichada Beach might not be one of the most popular beaches of Greece, however, it has its own share of beauty and magnificence to explore. There are stunning rock formations behind the beach that will immediately capture your sight. The land of this seas scape is mostly covered by volcanic grey sand and is flanked by high cliffs. Due to these factors, this beach remains a bit secluded and is not as crowded as other beaches in Santorini. However, for those who prefer isolation, this is one of the best options

Vlychada Beach

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