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Explore the lush tropical vegetation, with over 2.5 lakh plants, tree grooves, and gorgeous pavilions. The gardens are sumptuous in appearance and exhibits dazzling views of the nature kissed surroundings. The gardens are stretched over 101 hectares of land which makes the Gardens by the Bay a massive ocean of greenery. The design of the garden is a symbol of the Singapore’s national flower, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’. The world’s tallest indoor waterfall can be witnessed in the cloud forest here.

Gardens By The Bay


Enter the world of orchids where you can feast your eyes on over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids. National Orchid Garden is home to a ginger garden, a bonsai garden, and a cactus garden as well. At the ginger garden you’d also find a pond where the kingfisher birds come in to grab their prey. There’s also a pond of lilies here. The garden is indeed a calm and peaceful place to explore in Singapore. For nature lovers, it is a true delight.

National Orchid Garden

Art And Culture, Entertainment, Architecture

Chinatown continues to be one of the fascinating corners of the city. It is dominated by Chinese culture. However, the landscape is marked with various other cultural features as well.  Every city needs a Chinatown but Singapore’s Chinatown is even more fascinating due to its cultureal diversity and harmony. This place includes the Sri Mariamman Temple, the Jamae Mosque and the Al Abrar Mosque. Mainly, Victorian and Baroque influences are seen in the architecture


Garden, Park, Botanical Garden, Entertainment

Singapore has an amazing array of natural wealth. The tropical climate makes the country a haven for the most beautiful flowering plants in the whole world. A beautiful experience of the plant life of Singapore is offered by these Green and lush gardens. National Orchid Garden is the most popular attraction as it houses more than 3000 orchids of 2000 hybrids and 1000 species. Don’t miss out any area of the garden, because each area of the garden offers something unique. It is a good idea to take a nice long walk around the park to observe the brilliantly colored flowers

Botanic Gardens

Zoo, Entertainment

This is a very good model of ‘Open zoo’. Here, no cages are used. Glass fronts are used as boundaries for enclosures housing dangerous animals like leopards and jaguars that climb well. So not only do the animals get to roam free, you also get to view them in as natural a habitat as possible. This zoo houses over 2,500 animals. Here, you can find many educational and interactive exhibits about the animals. Other unique experiences are also offered like ‘wild discoverer’ and ‘Lunch with lions’ tours. People of all age groups can enjoy here to the fullest.

Singapore Zoo

Park, Entertainment, Boating

The Merlion is in the Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD and is a renowned tourist spot in Singapore. The original name of Singapore, ‘Singapura’ is represented by the lion head. Singapura means the lion city. Tourists will definitely have a good time here as this place is lined with bars and restaurants. You can alsowalk along and take in the sea breeze. This is a good place for tourists who love photography. Without taking a photo at the Merlion, the Singapore trip is incomplete. Early in the morning this place is crowded with tourists, posing for the camera


Hotel, River, Scenic Drive, Walking Area

Leisurely stroll around the entire bay and you’ll be awestruck with the gorgeousness of the city. Enjoy mesmerizing views of the Singapore River, Sea, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and more at this one place. There is a lot to do here. You could enjoy great food at the surrounding restaurants or at the famous marina bay sands. You could also relax on the recliners by the banks of the river and absorb the serenity of nature while you watch the waters traverse. You could also purchase mementoes from the shops around. Moreover, the place is excellent for photography

Marina Bay

Bar, Food And Drinks, Dine In, Restaurant

Jumbo is a local dining seafood restaurant recommended specially for groups, after work hours or any business meeting. This place is a hangout place like other casual hangouts that offer Singapore’s specialty; sea food. The sea food is extremely fresh and well-prepared. If you ask any taxi driver to take you to the place where best chili crabs are served, he is sure to take you to Jumbo Restaurant. You will also find a complete bar for alcohol and other drinks. The ambience is very quirky and fun



A 165-meter-high Singapore Flyer is of course the world’s largest observation wheel. You’re flying almost 42 stores high while on this fascinating ride. Enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of the city while on a ride on the Singapore Flyer. The iconic views stretch to parts of Malaysia and Indonesia provided you’re taking the ride on a clear day. There are 28 glass capsules in the flyer that are air conditioned.

Singapore Flyer

Waterfront, View Point, Walking Area, Restaurant

Witness beautiful views of the river and unwind while you watch boats sail across. While enjoying the stroll here at leisure you’d come across modern skyscrapers, beautiful sculptures, old colonial buildings, and lots of restaurants. Do not miss the stunning and commendable light show here that takes place at 9.30 pm. If you’re here during the Chinese New Year you’re sure to have an exceptionally great time. Peace seekers will any which way fall in love with the tranquility of the atmosphere here.

Waterfront Promenade

Park, View Point, Entertainment, Leisure

Enjoy incredible views of the city from the 57th floor at the remarkable Marina Bay Sands Skypark. The place is home to an infinity swimming pool from where you can enjoy views or also get on to the views deck to feast your eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore. The interiors and architecture of the hotel is simply stunning and remarkable while the view of the city from here is exceptionally different. Marina Bay Sands Skypark is one of the main tourist attractions to visit and should definitely feature in you Singapore itinerary for 5 days.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Religious Site, Temple, Museum

This is a 5 story temple that has treasured the left canine tooth of the Buddha that was recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India. Founded in 2002, the impressive Buddhist temple makes for a knowledgeable visit. There are lovely images and paintings to see in here. If you happen to visit on a day of religious ceremony, the chanting of the monks will add to the peace you’d experience here. buddha tooth relic temple and museum is one of the attractions

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum

Museum, History Museum, Historical Site, Specialty Shop

The Changi museum is quite an interesting place to visit as it digs through historic times narrating factual stories. The museum tells about the sorrowful history of Singapore wherein the inmates were imprisoned in the Changi prison. It also emphasizes on the way the prisoners were treated after the Japanese invasion. Set aside a couple of hours and visit this important place that holds great historic value in the city of Singapore.

The Changi Museum

Walking Area, Nature

The MacRitchie Reservoir is a nature kissed place with more than one trails to explore the area. The serene MacRitchie Nature Trail is a long walking path with a high swing bridge that takes you through a nature walk way above ground level. Take a pleasant stroll down the 3 kilometer trail through the clam of the jungle. Along the path you have a reservoir Listen carefully as nature sings to you in the form of birds, trees, insects, and other sibilant sounds. You’re likely to come across monkeys, wild Macaques, and more. Nature lovers would definitely have a thrilling experience here

MacRitchie Reservoir

Park, Zoo, Nature, Bird Watching

The Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park with over 400 species of birds which sum up to a total of about 5000 birds adding color and life to the area. The park occupies about 20.2 hectares of land with walkways to explore the glory of the chirpy birds. It also features a 30-metre-high waterfall, a penguin coast, a Pelican Cove and more. A visit to this sanctuary is sure to make for a joyous family time. The kids especially would love it here.

Jurong Bird Park

Memorial, War Memoria

The war memorial is spread on a hill slope home to the graves of the brave hearts that lost their lives during the Second World War.The memorial is neatly set up in rows across moored lawn. There are walls here that have inscribed the names of more than 25,000 men and women who lost their lives in Southeast Asia. A visit here would be more of a reminder of the horrifying past and would make for touching moments relative to the sorrowful history

Kranji War Memorial

Walking Area, Mall, Shopping Center, Streets

A 2.2 kilometer roadideal for shopping and trying the different cuisine of Singapore. Orchard road is replete with iconic malls and elegant restaurants. There are fast food joints and pricey hotels here as well. The dazzling street is a huge fascination for locales as well as tourists. The road is priced in such a manner that is has something in store for everyone. In all this street makes for an excellent outing in the city of Singapore

Orchard Road

Art And Culture, Museum

This Asian Civilizations Museum is different from other historical museums in this city. A deeper and a broader view, of the earliest inhabitants of Singapore, is provided at this place. There are 11 galleries that showcase 1300 artifacts. Instead of telling stories verbally, here interactive and multimedia components are used. The modernly displayed exhibits and the You can opt for in-gallery videos and virtual hosts too. In this museum you can find a gift shop, a restaurant, a function room and a fully-equipped auditorium

Asian Civilization Museum

Entertainment, Neighborhoods

The Clarke quay is located on the mouth of Singapore River. It is one of the historical riverside quays which have many restaurants and nightclubs depicting the nightlife of Singaporeans. Hongkong’s one of the best retail stores opened its flagship in Singapore on this quay. Here, you will see all the exclusive bars and restaurants offering best dining options to all its visitors. Clarke quay is a destination where you will find all the colorful buildings, themed restaurants, jazz clubs, hip cafes and much more. What else you need if you can have a complete 3 course meal at just $15 with a variety of cuisines on tables to choose. Clarke quay holds many of the clubs, restaurants, retail shops, stalls, etc. which is a mix of traditional and modern culture of Singapore

Clarke Quay

Island, Nature

There are two islets to the south of Singapore’s main island named Palau Hantu or Ghost Islands. One is named the Pulau Hantu Kechil and other is known as PulauHantuBesar. This place is exceptionally beautiful in every way. The islands themselves are quite picturesque but the surrounding marine life is equally enchanting. When there is a low tide, one can walk over the sandbar that connects the two islands. For Singaporeans, Pulau Hantu is a popular destination for snorkeling and scuba. Although it is sometimes threatened by poor visibility , it is a good place for seeing coral reefs.

Pulau Hantu

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