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Dal is a beautiful lake in the city of Srinagar. It is obvious that it’s the pride of Srinagar but Kashmir as well from the nicknames given to it: Srinagar’s jewel and Jewel in the “Crown of Kashmir”. This is an absolute must visit site in the city of Srinagar and a very enjoyable experience as well.

Dal Lake

Art And Culture, Mosque, Religious Site, Architecture

The Hazrat Bal Mosque in Srinagar, often called just “The Hazratbal” is the most important pilgrimage sites in the city and perhaps one of the most important for Haj Pilgrims other than the Mecca.

The lovely white mosque is serene and beautiful in every way. Watching the pigeons take flight around the mosque is a lovely and calming experience. Majesty is in the very name of the mosque. “Hazrat means majesty while “Bal” means enclosure. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that majesty is truly enclosed in the lovely place.

Hazratbal Mosque

Garden, Waterfall, Historical Site, Nature

The Shalimar Bagh is incredibly lovely. These Mughal Gardens belonged to the royal family and are in every way exactly that; regal. The majestic beauty of these gardens is precisely what several tourists, holidaymakers and honeymooners come to witness.

These gardens are the largest in the city. Mughal horticulture which is pretty remarkable already is at its best in these gardens. Located on the banks of the Dal Lake these lovely gardens are one of the most beautiful places to see in Srinagar.

Shalimar Bagh

Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

The Shankarcharya Temple is considered to be one of the most important places to visit in Srinagar. The temple is dedicated to an old saint and one of the most brilliant minds in the history of Indian thought and Philosophy..

Built in the traditional Hindu style of Architecture, this lovely temple is a real sight to be beheld. The arches, steps and the shikhar style have a rustic feel to them and the stone temple may well transport you back in time.

Shankaracharya Temple

Outdoors, Water Body, View Point, River

Sonamarg literally means meadow of gold, which gives one a legitimate idea of just how gorgeous this hill station not far from Srinagar really is. The river Sindh, the beautiful trees, the dese and mysterious forests, the fog the snow and the seasons make Sonamarg a really special place to visit.

After winter is over, they open up the roads for transport, you will be able to see the hill station in all its glory. Tourists certainly swear by it. However, being just a pristine beauty it has been governed by very strict environmental laws that should be respected


Forest, Camp, Valley, Picnic Spot

This valley was named after a Bollywood movie though many other Bollywood movies have been filmed here. It’s one of those spots they call the Switzerland of India. You’ll have to get to Pahalgam from Srinagar first to get here. From there, the road will course upstream along an aquamarine river, past military checkpoints and tourist-trap resorts and restaurants. Those distractions will be left behind as you approach the valley, a place of alpine meadows, icy streams, green mountains, clear blue skies, and deodar and pine forests. It’s one of the most beautiful valleys in the country, perfect for picnickers and even campers.

Betab Valley

Ancient Ruin, Palace

The Pari Mahal is a lovely ruin that is known for the stunning views of the Dal Lake, the mountains and hills and Srinagar city that this place provides.The Name Pari Mahal means Palace of the angels and it is quite apt considering the view is exactly what an angel watching over the city would have/

If you have some time on your hands do visit this place. It is a short drive ahead of Chashmeshahi and is quite picturesque. While the views it provides of Srinagar are quite remarkable, so is its own rustic beauty. The ruins have lovely long arches and tiny hollows that are quite pretty to see. And since it looks so pretty now, one often wonders what it must have looked like in it’s hay-day

Pari Mahal

Garden, Walking Area

If you are lucky enough to go at the right time, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is one of the most spectacular sights you will be able to see in Srinagar. Although it is only open in April, it is a must see for tourists travelling at that time.

The amazing garden has huge sprawling acres of nothing but gorgeous flowers everywhere. The tulips in every vibrant shade imaginable are an absolute visual treat. One could spend hours together just admiring the place’s beauty.

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden

Outdoors, Scenic Drive, Lake, Boating

Nagin Lake is like a mini extension to the massive Dal Lake. The peculiar shape of this lake gives it its name. Situated right next to Dal, it is sometimes not even considered to be a separate lake but it is one and what a lovely place it is.

The meandering lake has a pristine natural beauty that it inherits from its. A leisurely boat rise along the lake is sure to be an amazing experience. You can use the shikaras or even live in one of the many beautiful boat houses. A scenic and lovely sight, this lake and the area around it is worth exploring in great detail.

Nagin Lake

Outdoors, View Point, Scenic Drive, Leisure

Yousmarg is a charming little hill station about 40 kilometers away from the city of Srinagar. Srinagar itself is quite lovely but if you want to spend more time in the midst of nature, this place is surely a great pick for you.

Tall deodar trees, lovely streams and verdant hills are mostly what make this place so beautiful and a great tourist spot. The drive to the spot in is in itself spectacular and if you intend to spend a considerable amount of time in Srinagar, this excursion is an ideal road trip to make


Outdoors, Garden, Picnic Spot, Nature

Nishat or Joy resides in the very name of this place. The joyful gardens which lie to the east of the Dal Lake are an absolute delight to visit. One of the few glorious Mughal Gardens worth visiting in Srinagar, this terraced garden is the second largest one you will see.

Intricately decorated and landscaped, these gardens have 12 terraces or sections that stand for the 12 signs of the zodiac.Although they have been refurbished in the recent years to make sure that all the plants receive enough water, they are still quite lovely.

Nishat Garden

Mosque, Religious Site, Architecture

The Jamia Masjid is a beautiful, simple and yet very beautiful mosque in Srinagar. The reddish building and the green garden stand in beautiful contrast and have a very calm and serene atmosphere to them.

There are 370 wooden pillars to the mosque which makes it a remarkable sight. It is a sacred place as well as a tourist attraction, as a result. Due to its Indo-Saracenic architecture it has become a very important part of the history of architecture in Srinagar as well. The British influences on the structure are worth noting.

Jamia Masjid

Religious Site, Off Beaten Path, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

Awantipora or Awantipura is a lovely excursion to undertake while in Srinagar. Around 30 kilometers from the city the place is a historic and scenic getaway. The ancient ruins make for a wonderful, historic, intriguing and surprising attraction not far from the city.

The ruins were once lovely Hindu temples that had been built by King Awanti Verman and emperor Lalitaditya. The ancient place is surely not to be missed if you have some time in Srinagar but worth the trip no matter what. The stone buildings or what is left of them tell a very interesting story


View Point, Walking Area, Town, Nature

This place is not very well-known and a little far from Srinagar but as far as one day excursions go, the place is bound to be the most rewarding one. It is a town not far from Srinagar and a very holy place.

The place has amazing natural beauty the verdant surroundings and the green leaves make it an absolute pleasure to be in. if you want to get a taste of the charming beauty of small town Kashmir, this is the place you will want to visit.


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