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Walking Area, Neighborhoods , Old Town

Perched on either sides of River Limmat, the Old town is one of the prettiest parts of the city. The narrow alleyways and cobblestoned streets make for a great stroll especially because of the charming old buildings in the backdrop. The grandeur of medieval churches like Fraumuenster and Grossmuenster make for stunning landmarks at this atmospheric place. A great beginning for your trip to Zurich, this area is full of petit boutiques and small eateries that serve heartwarming specialties and ambiance. This is also the epicenter of Zurich’s colorful nightlife and is easily accessible from most tourist areas of Zurich.

Old Town

Waterfront, View Point, Walking Area, Leisure

Near lower Lake Zurich, one can see a tangle of promenades, parks and arrangements, altogether known as the beautiful Lake Promenade, a favorite evening hangout. Furthermore in warm climate, the lake is peppered with pontoons, and the banks are loaded with picnickers and sun-bathers. Assuming that you’re a jogger, the region is additionally one of neighborhood Zurichers’ top choice places to pound the ground. Tourists can spend a very relaxing time walking along the shore of the lakes, or even partake in a luxury cruise. One can also spend a relaxing time while simply idling away with their loved ones on a sunny afternoon.

Lake Promenade

Landmark, Walking Area, Shopping Center, Streets

Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich’s principle downtown road and one of the planet’s most exorbitant and elite shopping roads. It started to be the point at which the city strongholds were wrecked in 1864 and the trench before the dividers was filled in. Until that an opportunity, the name of the area had been “Ditch of the Frogs” which is known locally as Fröschengraben, which then was adapted Station Street or Bahnhofstrasse. (delete) Paradeplatz, a standout amongst the most extremely popular squares in Switzerland, is arranged towards the closure of the Bahnhofstrasse closest to Lake Zurich. The Swiss banking giants, UBS and the Credit Suisse Group, have their central command here. Paradeplatz is additionally known for its chocolate shop and spot, Confiserie Sprü. This area is highly recommended for all people who visit Zurich looking for a glimpse of all that is ritzy and glamorous. Go there in the evening to spend the best time in the bars and the nightclubs.

One of the most popular and ultra-luxurious shopping street in the world, Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse is a dream destination for most of the visitors coming to Switzerland. You don’t require any ticket for Bahnhofstrasse as it is an open street, but most of the brands here are simply exorbitant. It can be visited on a tour and usually Bahnhofstrasse ticket prices for tours will be moderate. You can buy tickets for Bahnhofstrasse tours from our online portal or get Bahnhofstrasse tickets in combo with other attractions too.


Art Museum, Arts And Crafts

The Kunsthaus Zurich houses a standout amongst the most vital craftsmanship accumulations in Switzerland and Europe, gathered throughout the years by the neighborhood craft cooperation called Zurcher Kunstgesellschaft. The accumulation compasses from the Middle Ages to contemporary craft, with a stress on Swiss symbolization. The historical center was drawn-up by engineers Karl Moser and Robert Curjel, and opened in 1910. The display center’s gathering incorporates works from Edvard Munch, Jacques Lipchitz and Alberto Giacom. This art museum is one that has one of the best collections in all of Europe and should certainly be a part of the itinerary of all tourists who visit Zurich.


Outdoors, Mountain, View Point, Hiking Trail

The Uetliberg is an out of the world experience for those who love a bit of adventure. Spectacular panoramas surround you from the very top of this mighty mountain. If you love to work up a sweat, climb up on the gorgeous hiking trail to watch how the marvelous views unfold in front of your eyes from every corner. There is a train that takes you up there too, if climbing is not your thing. The Lake Zurich adds to the magic of the experience as it looks absolutely stunning as you ascend up the hill. There is also a sledge run from the peak, which can be accessed on days when there is snowfall.


Church, Religious Site, Architecture

The Fraumunster Church in Zurich is one of the most important churches in the city. It was established in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter, Hildegard, on the grounds of a convent. He enriched the Benedictine religious circle with the terrains of Zurich, Uri, and the Albis woodland, and allowed the community safety, setting it under his immediate authority. The convent was broken up on 30 November 1524 over the span of the reorganization of Huldrych Zwingli. The cloister edifices were pulverized in 1898 to make space for the new Stadthaus.(delete) The church building today serves as the ward chapel for one of the city’s 34 improved areas. Munsterhof, the town square before Fraumünster, is named after the previous abbey that had been present there. This location is recommended for those people who want to get a feel for the austere places that this otherwise modern town can offer. Make it a point to visit on an afternoon and watch the light coming in from the ornate windows.


Wildlife Sanctuary , Zoo

The Zurich Zoologischer Garten or the Zurich Zoological Garden is a zoo placed in Zurich, Switzerland.(delete) It was opened in 1929 and, starting 2004, has 2200 examples of 300 species. It is placed on Zurichbergstrasse, on the areas that are more at a lower level at of the Zurichberg in the Fluntern quarter.(delete). The zoologist Heini Hediger was executive of the Zürich Zoo. He was the one who made significant contributions to the collection and development of the zoo. The Zurich Zoo is considered to be one of the best zoological gardens in Europe. The facility is lauded for and is highly regarded for its preservation programs. The penguin parade, which is performed every evening if the outside temperature is beneath 10 degrees Celsius, should not be missed One of its ubiquitous occasions is the penguin parade.

Zurich Zoological Garden

Art And Culture, Museum

A landmark museum for cultural history in Switzerland, the Swiss National Museum is a delight to visit and explore. The museum building dates back to 1898 and was built in a chateau style by Gustav Gull. A great place to explore gothic art, this museum also holds a promising collection of wooden sculptures and carved altars. Expect interactive exhibits like video and audio and a fantastic layout of artworks at this thoughtful museum. In winters, this museum also hosts light illuminations. All in all, the museum provides a great insight on how these incredible artworks fit in the history of Switzerland.

Swiss National Museum

Historical Site, Town

The town was braced with a city divider from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century, and with additional expound defenses developed in the seventeenth to eighteenth century and generally crushed in the 1830s to 1870s. There had been a first city divider dating to the eleventh or twelfth century.

The being of such an early divider had been proposed, yet the standard perspective expected that the town had been unfortified which was the stays of the roman stronghold and a purported Kaiserpfalz on Lindenhof mound. Soon after the thirteenth century, until the chance finding of remainders of the first divider throughout the 1990s development work at the focal library following the eradication of the principle line of the Zähringer family in 1218, Zurich turned into a free royal city.

Over the accompanying decades, a city divider was built in excess of a length of nearly 2,400m from 1642, an amazing set of defenses was based on arrangements by Hans Georg Werdmüller and Johann Ardüser, at an enormous expense and finished just in the second 50% of the eighteenth century. The defenses incorporated fifteen bastions, one of them assembled within the Liamat River.


Scenic Drive, Train Ride

Perhaps the cutest little tram ride you will have ever, the UBS Polybahn funicular is a short railway ride that connects the Central Square to the ETH Zurich. Dating back to 1886, this funicular is quite popular with people who want to ride up to the incredible viewing point that reveals stunning views of the city. The funicular was originally water-driven but was shortly converted to an electric drive in 1897. The Polybahn funicular price is also very moderate and won’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Hop aboard this charming ride if you want an experience of a vintage tram and also to save a few breaths while climbing to the top of the hill.

U B S Polybahn

River, Boating, Cruise

The Limmat is a waterway in Switzerland. The stream begins at the outfall of Lake Zurich, in the inside of the city of Zurich. From Zurich it streams in a northwesterly bearing, after 35 km arriving at the stream Aare. The conjunction is spotted north of the minor town of Brugg and soon after the mouth of the Reuss.

The fundamental towns along the Limmat Valley downstream of Zurich are Dietikon, Wettingen, and Baden. Historically, the Limmat was an essential route track. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, voyages from Zurich to Koblenz are recorded. In 1447, the Emperor Frederick III allowed the concession of free route on the Limmat and on the Rhine to Zurich. Due to the present, route was normally downstream just, with the flatboats being sold on arrival.

Today, the Limmat is safe for much of its length by little create just, with a hefty portion of the hydroelectric force plants fusing vessel lifts. The conventional vessel sort utilized on the stream is the weidling, a level bottomed vessel that is as a rule 10 metres or 33 ft long. There are numerous options for people to avail boat rides and cruises.

A visit to Zurich is incomplete without a visit to this place. The beautiful blues of the river is known to be a popular attraction among the folks and travellers alike. Of course, the stream is free to watch. You don’t have to pay any Limmat River Tickets or worry about Limmat River Ticket Costs. Since, there are no Tickets for Limmat River, the the place can be visited anytime of the day. The view one get to witness during dusk is truly exceptional and something, you must not miss.

Limmat River

Park, Walking Area, Monument, Leisure

Lindenhofplatz is a beautiful park that affords views of the most charming neighbourhood of Zurich-The Old Town. Only a short stroll away from the main street, this is a great place to connect with nature and spend a few hours breathing in the beauty of the city’s surroundings. One can spot amazing monuments like St. Peter’s and Fraumuster churches from this park. A good place for a picnic lunch or just relaxing in the greens, Lindenplatz is a peaceful corner where you can take in the feeling of being in Zurich. With the river flowing next to the park and sights that are simply mesmerizing, Lindenplatz is a great reason to relax and unwind.


Church, Religious Site, Architecture

St. Peter is one of the four principle temples of the old town of Zurich, Switzerland, moreover it is considered predominant over Fraumunster, Grossmunster and Predigerkirche. Spotted alongside the Lindenhof slope, site of the previous Roman stronghold, it was based the site of a sanctuary to Jupiter. An early temple of 10 by 7 metres is archaeologically authenticated for the eighth or ninth century. The building is an early Romanesque God’s house around AD 1000, in turn supplanted in 1230 by a late Romanesque structure, parts of which survive. Rudolf Brun, first free chairman of the town, was covered here in 1360. The nave was modified in 1460 in Gothic style. Preceding the reconstruction, St. Subside was the main ward God’s house of the town, the rest being part of monasteries. The current building was blessed in 1706 as the first chapel constructed under Protestant standard. Until 1911, the steeple was manned by a fire breakout watch. Restoration work was done in 1970 to 197. It is highly recommended that all tourists to the city of Zurich make this church a primary stop on their travels. The view of the church from across the river is fantastic.

St Peters Church

Beach, Water Body, Entertainment, Leisure

Zürich’s first shore, opened in 1922, still offers 250 meters of sandy shore and a far reaching sunbathing grass. Space is additionally held for both non-swimmers and kids. The Mythenquai shore likewise offers table tennis, games fields and playing fields, barbecue zones, a shop offering swimwear, swimming rigging and diversions gear. The fine vacation spot, access to the lake, and the wonderful perspective will help you to remember a faraway and fantastical island. The beach is considered to be one of the most popular and important tourist locations in Zurich. On an average afternoon during the tourist seasons, people can see in an excess of thousands of people on the beach. The pristine waters and beautifully clean beach can certainly offer a leisurely afternoon on the sand or an exciting time with beach sports.

Strandbad Mythenquai

Landmark, Observatory, Architecture

Urania Sternwarte is an open observatory in the Lindenhof quarter of Zurich, Switzerland. Urania’s refracting telescope is provided with a Fraunhofer two-lens arrangement of 30 cm gap and central length of 5.05 meters, permitting maximal 600-fold amplification. The observatory offers guided tours – Moon, Solar System objects, stars, star groups, interstellar mists, and cosmic systems – and uncommon occasions for a wide group of onlookers, and additionally unique tours for schools and groups. The site provides a beautiful perspective of the city, Lake Zurich and the Alps. The Urania house has a restaurant and a Bar, as well. In the meantime, its area amidst the city of Zurich is a genuine issue, as light pollution of the city may hamper cosmic views.

Urania Observatory

Scenic Drive, Train Ride, Rides

It’s a shame if you don’t have cheese when in Switzerland. And what better way to do so than on an old timer tram as you watch the twinkling city lights go by? This tram passes by most of Zurich’s most memorable sights as you dip your fork into the melting golden pot of cheese inside. A great winter time attraction, this tram is a romantic way to experience Zurich. It’s not cheap or easy to book but its definitely a unique way to sample some fine Swiss cheese and the magical city in winters.

So, don’t forget to book ahead and keep your pockets loaded for this one!

Cheese Fondue Tram

Entertainment, Opera House

With approximately 1100 seats, Zurich Opera house is the smallest of the world’s large Opera houses. Part of its charm lies in this fact and also its extremely varied program manages to draw regular crowds here. Awarded the Best Opera Company of the Year in 2014, this venue is definitely one of the finest theatres in the world. Dating back to the 19th century, this opera house has a gorgeous neo classical façade adorned with the busts of Wagner, Weber and Mozart. Watching a show at this iconic theatre promises to be a memorable experience.

Zurich Opera House

Walking Area, Food And Drinks, Neighborhoods

A part of the Old town in Zurich, Neiderdorf is a neighborhood that seems to be stuck in time. Full of unique boutiques selling everything from clothes to trinkets, this place is great to stroll around. It’s labyrinths are also full of cafes and restaurants serving all types of cuisines. This popular promenade is always buzzing with people because of the fascinating sights that surround it. The best part about this street is that it is pedestrian only making it a stress-free zone. There’s some exciting nightlife in this area too.


Walking Area, Square

Named after the Grand Bellevue Hotel, this square is located right next to the lake, offering pretty views of this beautiful water body. It is one of the main public transport points of the city and is often very busy in terms of traffic too. A great place to be in the summer, this square has many cafes and terrace restaurants in its vicinity. If you’re visiting around Christmas, you might even find a nice Christmas market at this square. Stop by for a coffee or some souvenir shopping at this area and watch the busy city go about its life.

Bellevue Square

Outdoors, Square

This commercial square is the heart of Zurich’s financial prowess, with notable Swiss banks like UBS and Credit Suisse having their headquarters here. It is also one of the important and busy tram intersections of the city. More interesting for travelers would be the fact that they will be able to buy the famous Sprungli sweets here. There are a number of other shops and restaurants around this square too. A great place to feel the pulse of the city, Parade Square makes for an interesting stroll.

Parade Square

Museum, Specialty Museum

A wonderland for kids, the zoological museum is a great activity to do with the whole family. About 1500 animal species are on display at this informative museum, ranging from warthogs, bedbugs to toads even. Apart from the well laid out exhibits, there are regular audio-visual presentations that engage young and old minds equally. The changing special exhibitions showcase peculiar characteristics of the animal kingdom. Additionally, don’t miss the view from the patio of the museum- it’s simply spectacular.

Zoological Museum Of The University Of Zurich

Outdoors, Park, Picnic Spot

A beautiful spot to relax and unwind, this park is the perfect summertime pastime for locals and tourists alike. Situated besides the Lake Zurich, people come here for some sunbathing and swimming when the sun is out. Busy but well maintained, this place has an excellent vibe and is great for a picnic or some alone time too. There are some interesting art installations here that add the artistic touch to this area. Apart from vending carts, this area also has a few restaurants that some might find a bit pricey. On weekends, expect live music and lively crowds at the park. This place is perfect to bring your kids as they have plenty of space to run and play.

Parkanlage Zuerihorn

Outdoors, View Point, Walking Area, Picnic Spot

There’s a lot to be thankful to Arnold Burkli for- he designed this magnificent lakeside area that has blossomed into a vibrant place full of many interesting things to do. This reclaimed land features beautiful meadows, parks and promenades. This area has now evolved into a boat dock and a starting point for tours of Lake Zurich. Full of tourists and locals, the views of the Alps surrounding the lake are awe-worthy. The flea market that takes place here every Saturday is quite popular amongst locals and draws many enthusiastic tourists too. A vegetable market is also held here twice a week, featuring the produce of the season. A great place to visit!


Specialty Museum

Depicting the last 300 years of childhood, the toy museum is a little wonderland that shows us the toys and games of the generations before. Filled with charming vintage toys and dolls that speak volumes about the evolution of technology, fashion and lifestyle, this museum is a great pastime for adults and children alike. Check out the train sets and steam engines that reflect the beginnings of technology. It is fascinating to see the bulky road vehicle replicas, pewter figures, antique games and wooden toys that were the latest trends in toys in that era but seem to have become obsolete in today’s world.

Zurich Toy Museum

Museum, Specialty Museum

One of the largest private collections of clocks and watches, Beyer museum is a treasure chest of time-keeping collectibles. The exhibits range from the era of 1400 BC to modern times, providing a fascinating experience to the visitor. The exhibition holds about 300 pieces that range from sundials to tower clocks with special pieces from renaissance period and pendulum clocks too. The collection of the museum is easily one of the world’s most important horological collections. The astronomical clocks here are especially noteworthy.

Uhrenmuseum Beyer

Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

The Water Church is an important part of Zurich’s history. Situated between the Grossmunster and Fraumunster, this church was built on a little island in the Limmat River. The original structure was built during the 10th century and reconstructed several times after that. This site is known as the place where the city’s martyr’s Felix and Regula were executed by Romans. Because of its religious importance, this church was called ‘the temple of idol worshippers’. The most notable feature of this church is the choir windows by Augusto Giacometti that highlight the difference between the life of Jesus and the life of the modern man.


Museum, Specialty Museum

The Heidi Weber museum is a repository of Le Corbusier’s life and works. The Swiss born architect was known for his creativity and iconoclastic work. The museum contains many of his books, furniture and paintings. The museum is housed in the last building that Le Corbusier designed, in the heart of the Zurichhorn park. An exclusive collection of graphic works is also on display on select days. This place is considered as a total work of art or Gesamtkunstwerk.

Centre Le Corbusier

Water Body, View Point, Walking Area, Lake

A great place for an evening stroll or even to take in the atmosphere of Zurich, this lake is the focal point of this beautiful city. A popular spot for picnics and excursions, the lake has become a grand recreational spot in Zurich. There are a number of attractions and restaurants surrounding the lake. You can choose to take a boat ride on the waters of Lake Zurich or even admire it from one of the many beautiful spots surroundings. There are a number of events that happen against the backdrop of the lake on a regular basis. Lake Zurich is definitely one of the most admired parts of the city.

Lake Zurich

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